Ruby Red Mithrax
cubanreefer ‐ Wow! Love the colours! Beautiful picture!
d2mini ‐ Thank you! Does it look more saturated here on AL than it does in flickr?
Flickr is how it should look. For me it's more saturated here on AL.
cubanreefer ‐ Maybe I'm colour blind but looks fine to me! Great shot! Which camera / lens did you use?
urbaneks ‐ D2, I know you get a lot of things from TB, did this guy come from them? I'm really thinking about ordering a few things from them.
d2mini ‐ cuban, its a D800 with Tamron 90
cubanreefer ‐ Cool. I hear that Tamrons and Sigmas are really hit or miss. I have Nikkor 105mm - can't beat this lens, just superb quality, works best in low-light conditions.
d2mini ‐ I hear that nikkor is great. I wouldn't mind the little bit of extra reach. Thom Hogan actually preferred the Tamron.
Can't go wrong with either.
cubanreefer ‐ Thanks d2mini!

I remember reading this article long time ago. I don't believe that Thom T. actually preferred the Tamron lens he just said that it a good lens for the price: "The big difference is this: for $400 less money, you give up VR, focus speed, and a bit of build quality from the Nikon 105mm. That's about it. The Tamron 90mm is the poor man's mid-range macro."

d2mini ‐ Yeah, he points out that there are positives and negatives to both. Thom didn't seem to care for the VR performance on this particular nikkor lens and optically he thought the Tamron was equal and even better in the corners. All depends what's most important to you. I always recommend the Tamron for being the best value in a macro, and only because of the IQ. I actually bought it back when I was just starting out. If I was buying one now I would go for the 105 for the better build, less extension and the VR, even though I'm not sure that's worth the $400 in this case. But since I already own the Tamron and it takes such good images, I can't bring myself to give it up! But if you are ever in Houston, you better bring that 105 with you! ;-)
pachi ‐ WOW Excellent photos
d2mini ‐ Thanks, pachi! :)
vinnie ‐ Excellent image!
jgamble ‐ Wow! Now that's a beautiful crab.
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