Drawers for stuff and access to electronics
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  • Drawers for stuff and access to electronics
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dtum ‐ Wow, you've got a place for everything in there! Very neatly organized.
d2mini ‐ Thanks, Dmitry! My wife is soooo happy I no longer store everything on the dining room table. :D
d2mini ‐ Oh, and I'll probably end up hanging fish nets and stuff from the doors and/or the inside divider panels.
dtum ‐ Now is there a spot for the whole ZEOvit range of products? ;)
d2mini ‐ LOL, do you mean like AL user markl who has a whole zeovit shrine next to his tank? ;-)
Would love to if they didn't cost so darn much!!!
dtum ‐ That's exactly what I was alluding to :)
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