Profilux Touch - Installed
dtum ‐ Very nicely organized and a perfect place for the controller.
You seem to be nearing the perfection and completeness.. What happens when there are no more gadgets that can be installed and no more places to apply decor to? Build a canopy for your frag / sump setup? That's too unsighlty at the moment ;)
d2mini ‐ LOL! Actually you are not far off. I do have some organizing/re-wiring to do out there. But I also have a list of more "gadgets" to get to with my Profilux like leak detectors and flow meters. ;)
dtum ‐ Sweet. I sense a large scale freshwater tank in your not so distant future, something to make Mr. Amano proud. :)
As for the flow meters, what's the principle behind those? How exactly do these work?
d2mini ‐ The flow meter will continuously measure/display your flow and warn with an acoustic signal or email when it falls below a preset value. You can then have it turn off certain devices if you wish. It's a good way to keep an eye on the performance of your pump or help advert disaster in the case of a failure.
m00shu ‐ Beautiful setup!
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