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  • Fighting Conch / Strombus spp.
onlytono ‐ Just added a few of these Conchs to my 125. Mine emerge from the sand in the early evening, while the moon lights are still on and sort of lurch around looking for a new place to dig in. They are super interesting to watch.
d2mini ‐ Cool, never had them before so figured I'd start with two. So far they've pretty much stayed right on top and close to where i first dropped them. Makes you wonder how much junk I have on my sand. haha
onlytono ‐ yep - that's pretty much what mine did for he first few days. on about day 3 or 4, they started moving about the tank at night. Look close where they are burring just as the light go out, or just before - you'll see their eyes poking out of the sand. :-)
ssbk23 ‐ Awesome photo!
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