My Profilux is set to run the neck cleaner 4x per day for 2 minutes each time.
dtum ‐ That is so awesome! First I thought that you had to cut a hole in your cover, but now I'm wondering whether the unit comes with the cover already?
One cool thing about having your sump in the garage is that you can get some fresh air, technically be outside AND work on your tank. How great is that!
d2mini ‐ Thanks! Yes, you buy the Vectra "Engine" and then the appropriate size lid to fit your skimmer cup. Avaast Marine also makes one called The Swabbie. And yeah, i love my garage setup. It's chilly out there this time of year but other than that it's very nice. No worries about spills or anything either!
dtum ‐ So I've got to ask then, do you have any issues with heating the tank? One would think that with a sump this large you'd be losing heat quite rapidly.
d2mini ‐ Not too bad, but it is actually worse than the heat in the middle of summer. Houston "winters" get down to around 30 degrees F as the coldest. I had to get a 800w heater recently to keep up. Already had a 500w (i think) in there. Got through all last summer with no chiller and max tank temps of about 82-83. Helps to be in a brand new house with good insulation, and my garage faces east.
ssbk23 ‐ One of the best things I have bought for my tank :)
d2mini ‐ Awesome. I'm running it 4x per day, 2 minutes each time. Are you on a similar schedule?
ssbk23 ‐ Mines set to 6x a day for a minute each time. Gets thick buildup on the blade after a week. Wouldn't own a skimmer without one now :)
dtum ‐ You guys are making me want to pick one up tonight! To restrain myself I will wait a month for d2mini's formal review... and then I'll run to the store.
ssbk23 ‐ I'd just buy one now, you won't regret it :)
Only issue I have had with mine is the flashing blue lights when the unit is in operation stopped working.
blags ‐ Definately a great investment. I have been running one for years. Before the Vertex Vectra i had the Aquadriver version and believe the benefit far outways the cost in my opinion :)
dtum ‐ Alright, I'm going to be getting one. But I think there's another piece of equipment that I'll need: is there another automatic cleaner that I can attach to this cleaning unit, so that it would wipe the blade every few hours as well? ;)
d2mini ‐ Hmmmm... maybe you can get a dog? lol!
dtum ‐ Are dogs good at licking off skimmate? Yuck!
urbaneks ‐ how much clearance above the skimmer do you need? I'd love to get one of these but only have about 3" between my skimmer and stand. Thanks.
blags ‐ Now that would be a good idea to have a cleaner cleaning the cleaner ;)
d2mini ‐ urbaneks, the Vectra sits about 2.75" high. But then you still need enough room to lift your skimmer cup. The Alpha 250 that i have just unscrews but probably takes up that last 1/4".
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