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Age 2 years, 6 months
Started May 21, 2016
Official Volume 126 Gallons
Actual Volume 115 Gallons
Make Elos
Model 120XL
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d2mini ‐ I use both. The lower shoots straight across the lower portion of the rear of the tank. But I added a few links of loc-line to get it up higher above the sand bed.
youngatheart ‐ Nice Aquascape and Composition - Nice Tank
saltempire ‐ nice im curently filling a 200g :) newest edition to the family
hiddenreef ‐ Hey!
Love the decorator crab :)
How is your decorator crab with Anemones tho?


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11 Fish

Banggai Cardinalfish sp sp
Bellus Angelfish Female Genicanthus bellus
Blue Reef Chromis Chromis cyaneus
Blue Star Leopard Wrasse Macropharyngodon bipartitus
Davinci Clownfish sp sp
Flame Hawkfish Neocirrhitus armatus
One Spot Foxface Siganus unimaculatus
Purple Tang Zebrasoma xanthurum
True Percula Clownfish Amphiprion percula

24 Corals

Blow Pops Zoanthids Zoanthids sp
Brain Coral, Trachyphyllia Trachyphyllia geoffroyi
Chalice Coral Echinophyllia aspera
Favia sp sp
Frogspawn sp sp
Hammerhead Coral sp sp
Jawbreaker Mushroom sp sp
ORA Bird of Paradise sp sp
ORA Frogskin sp sp
ORA Purple Stylophora sp sp
ORA Stellar Stylophora sp sp
Oregon Tort sp sp
PC Rainbow sp sp
Paletta Pink Tip sp sp
Pink Lemonade sp sp
Pink Tip Torch sp sp
Purple and Yellow Eye Chalice sp sp
Skittles Granulosa sp sp
Strawberry Shortcake sp sp
Turbinaria Cup Coral Turbinaria sp.
Tyree Two-Tone Tort sp sp
WWC Yellow Tip sp sp

9 Invertebrate

Derasa Clam sp sp
Serpent Sea Star Ophioderma sp.

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Added Radion diffusers
Here's some more coral...

How about some new coral photos? :)
Some old stuff, some new stuff.

Here's some FTS from today. Just over 4 months since the restart. :)
Color is ok for the most part. Growth could use a kick in the pants but technically the tank is only 4 months old, so....
I've got crabs on my fuzzy ball... sponge!

Yeah, he was up to no good as usual.
Camera is sitting on the kitchen counter. His furry butt is sitting on the window bench.
When I first signed on, all I saw was furry crotch, looking