Copernicus, my Kaudern's Cardinal, has passed. It came so suddenly.

He was completely fine in the morning and all afternoon, as active as ever. Then, as I went to feed him and Chuy, I noticed he was breathing strangely. He looked like he was taking big gulps and just "swimming" in one spot. I tried to feed him from the pipette. He was always first to the pipette for his meals but not today. Today he just ignored it. I tried blowing a bit of food in front of him. Nothing. I was worried but thought, maybe he's just in a daze of some sort and breathing heavy because he wasn't moving around the tank.

About 2 hours later I went to dose the tank with my A&B and Copernicus was turning splotchy brown and his breathing looked worse. Seconds later he went to the bottom of the tank. My heart was sinking. I watched him for about 30 minutes. He would get up, try to swim, only to lay back down in the sand.

Finally, he turned upside down and continued breathing heavy, turning even more brown. His tank mate, would go and "check" on him. And then quietly swim away. It was time for Copernicus to say his goodbyes. He was so beautiful with an exquisitely long and dainty dorsal fin. I loved how long it got. So regal. I am so heartbroken over that little guy.

So my my boyfriend also had a cardinal, Dominik. The same thing happened to his as well. As this was happening to mine, I started reading hoping to find something. I knew this species had problems with and iridovirus but his symptoms, though some similarities to suffering from this systemic iridovirus, were not exact as others' experiences. Others had reported lethargy and loss of appetite over several days to a week. Copernicus' was a rapid and immediate decline.

The only other thing I can think of, was that I may have been the cause of his demise. And, this greatly bothers me. The previous night I had decided to raise my PH to the recommended level of 8.4 from 8.2. From my understanding, a gradual increase would not stress the fish. Furthermore, after testing the day he died, my PH had yet to go up. Still, I can't help but wonder if this was the cause. I wish I could have saved him.
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