Bristle worm population building.
View July 15, 2021 23:16
DB Tank looks good, red slime algae coming back, siphoned out. Skimmer was dry. Opening air line tiny bit with pen cap
View July 15, 2021 23:13
Tank looks great :) glued a few pieces of gsp to the wall from the rock below. need to re-do kalkwasser next time
View June 18, 2021 16:12
tank looks great :)
reattached flow head
View May 27, 2021 16:26
tank looks great :)
head of where water comes back into the tank popped off and is sitting on top of carbon until we can figure it out
View May 13, 2021 17:25
Exported 2 anemones and tossed a skeleton of ?
View April 30, 2021 18:46
tank looks good :) vacuumed some cyano off of gsp. the larger rock anenome keeps moving (he put himself out of sight so I moved the rock a little). moved some hammers out of cave and into light
View April 22, 2021 14:25
Added 2 rock anemone
View April 2, 2021 21:30
Exported 2 nems and aipitasia rock. Took pic of sponge
View April 2, 2021 17:38
Tank looks great
View April 2, 2021 17:37