So far everything s going good. At the end of the cycling period so will soon be getting ready to add some corals. Still unsure if I want an all zoa tank, all RFA tank or a mixed tank with some macro for decoration. Decisions, decisions lol.
View February 5, 2019 16:45
Went to do a parameters test today on my cycling 5.3g Pico tank. Realized that my test kit has expired! Uugghhh, now gotta buy a new kit before I can get accurate readings. Seems like it would be more cost effective to go with the Hannah testers from this point forward.
View January 26, 2019 12:17
So, as my luck would have it. Woke up this morning since vacation was over and had to get back to work, I checked the tank like I normally do every morning. But this morning I found that the light would not work. Tried turning it on and nothing. Undone the light and placed it back in, plugged it in and light at all. Then noticed no flow coming from the filter. Was plugged in and running, three quarters full, impeller is running but not suction coming from the tank into the filter. Unplugged it, readjusted the intake and still nothing!!!

Now, when I get home, I need to take the light and see if it is the actual light or the holder that supplies the electric to it, and then pull the filter apart and see if I can get it working again. Uggghhhhh....I hope since the wave maker is still working that will keep the tank OK until I get home.
View January 13, 2019 16:43
So after setting up the 5.3g pico and filling it with water. Been tracking the evaporation over the past 2 days. Seems that I lose about 3 cups of water per day, depending on time of day I check it, due to evaporation. Good to know info and this also tells me I will need to get the Micro ATO sooner than later.
View January 11, 2019 22:38