Replenish 1/2 gallon Calc and Alk
View December 6, 2016 09:57
Started dosing Vibrant to clean up some nuisance algae and minor cyano. issues. Nothing terrible. Dosed 10ml. Will do so in another 4 days then starting dosing 10ml weekly and re-evaluate after a few weeks.
View December 6, 2016 09:56
Refilled 1/2 gallon each Alk and Calc
View November 7, 2016 08:15
Replenished 1/2 Gallon Alk and Calc
View October 3, 2016 16:29
Replaced RO Cartridges and DI Resin
View October 3, 2016 16:28
Replenished CUC
20 Cerith Snails
20 Nassarius Snails
2 Fighting Conch
15 Banded Trochus Snails
View August 2, 2016 15:51
I will also be turning off my 2 gal/day Auto Water Change system while gone. One less thing to go wrong. I also would need someone to empty the waste water container every couple of days as well if left on. I'll do a few extra before and after the trip to make up the difference.
View July 18, 2016 11:30
Going away for a few days in the near future. Plan on adding a little redundancy to the system. For my ATO, I will have an extra 10 gallon storage container with it's own pump. In the event the main ATO fails I can initiate filling the sump via the Apex. Float switch alarms and visual inspection via my sump camera will let me know the water level is low. Also planning on putting an extra smaller return pump in the sump. In the event of a return pump failure I can manually turn this one on via the Apex. Flow won't be as high as with the main pump, but it will keep the water circulating.
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Replenished 1/2 gallon Alk, Calc and Mag
View May 16, 2016 16:05
Noticed my PH was spiking at the same time every night. I coincided this with the times my Alk dosing pump was running. First thought it was electrical interference. Realized that Alk raises PH. Was doing 20ml around midnight(1ml/min for 20 min) and 1ml/min around 4am when the spikes were occurring. Alk is also being dosed in the low flow section of the sump where the fuge is which is also where the PH Probe is. I spread the dosing out 10 doses of 4 minutes with 1ml/min giving the same amount but spread out over more time.
View April 27, 2016 15:46