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Age 3 years, 1 month
Started October 20, 2015
Official Volume 3 Gallons
Actual Volume 3.1 Gallons
Dimensions 9.5'' x 9.8'' x 9''
Make Marineland
Model Contour 3


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Tetra AquaSafe Plus · Tetra EasyBalance Water Treatment · API Stress Zyme · Seachem Equilibrium

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Hikari Frozen Bloodword · brine shrimp · frozen pea

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1 Fish

Betta Betta splendens

2 Invertebrate

2 Ramshorn Snail Planorbis rubrum

6 Plants

3 Frogbit Hydrocharis morsus-ranae
Java Fern Microsorum pteropus
Marimo Aegagropila linnaei
Tropical Hornwort Ceratophyllum submersum

On average you perform a 63.1% water change every 37 days.

96.8% total water change in December.

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After a long battle with dropsy, my betta finally died this morning.
I have increased the temperature, added epsom salts, eurythrommisin antibiotic, and kept the light off. Betta has shruken in size some what and is less bloated. Clearly still has dropsy, but is swimmi
Betta has dropsy. Still active and eating, but most certainly dropsy. Treated water with salt and epsom salt and antibiotic. hopefully will ease condition of betta
Changed the tank to a Marineland Contour 3, as it has a better quality filter with something approaching a power head and a full glass lid. Need to do a better job measuring if it is actually a full 3
Small nintrate spike in betta tank. Its just Betta and one small (marble sized) mystery snail. Not sure why the sudden spike. Changed water to offset spike, no amonia in tests