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Received from Brent (BPReefer)
Traded for Pavona frag
james32 ‐ what do you do if you get pests like nudis of red bugs with a system this big? as I have a similar system and you maqke it look easy with the way your system looks nice and neat clean but we all no it's a full time job :) unless u are fully automated?
djkms ‐ Thankfully I have not had to deal with any parasitic pests, everything is dipped and inspected before going into the system.

Everything that can be automated is, except for water changes. I used to have that automated as well but prefer to do larger changes at once instead of constant throughout the day (I used a litermeter 3 to do my auto water changes).

I do maintenance on my account once a week except for front glass, every 2-3 days or so. My weekend maintenance consists of full testing, scraping all 4 sides of the glass, scrubbing my MP40 wetsides, cleaning sump sponges, cleaning neck and cup of skimmer, 30 gallon water change, refill 2 part containers, scrub rocks, clean sandbed, wipe down canopy, stand and salt creep anywhere. This roughly takes 3 or so hours on either Saturday or Sunday. I have other chores I do every other week on top of that and some monthly, etc.

Its not as neat and clean as my pictures make it appear. I deal with nuisance algae's, cyano, etc, I just spend a bit of time scrubbing rocks and trying to put in the proper CUC to help keep it at bay.
djkms ‐ Even the picture you responded to is showing some of the crap I deal with. That little black/dark purple fuzzy algae is a real pain!!!!
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Meteor Shower Cyphastrea (Cyphastrea sp.) 1 null 2013-02-09