Just watch it!
dtum ‐ Love it!!!
djkms ‐ Thanks!
rowdies ‐ i love the in-tank perspective. did you use a gopro camera?
djkms ‐ I thought about getting a GoPro for underwater videography and did a lot of research on underwater camcorders. My research kept leading me back to the Kodak Playsport ZX5, it had a lot of fantastic reviews. At the price point of the Zx5 compared to a GoPro, the Zx5 was a clear winner and it is what this video is shot with.
djkms ‐ The GoPro would probably give me a crisper picture but I didn't feel that would be worth hundreds more...

I might upgrade in the future but for now, I like the Zx5 :)
xrod ‐ Awesome!
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