Been a while since I Logged anything. anyway...I put in a Maxspect gyre and it really helped with the flow. also got a hanna URL Phosphurous and checked the tank and it was 007ppb or .007ppm which is nothing. but decided to change gfo anyway and it has helped emensly. algae problem browned out and cyano is in retreat. hanna readout is 000ppb so my tank must like nothing in the water. finally put a tank controller(Apex) on the tank and it has been a good fealing to have the peace of mind.
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feed all LPS coral and Nem
View February 1, 2015 19:31
Well I've slacked off in my logs a bit and the tank too. Work is getting to me. First, angel was getting really aggressive so traded in for some store cred. I also have tried firefish a couple times but would always jump out of the tank. I got a screen top and sealed all the possible escape routes so will try again when I see one I like.
The fuge is up and running but no miracle mud until I move I'm a month or two. Started testing/dosing trace through red sea coral color program.really loving that. Bleached out all of my acro and think the light intensity might be an issue. After blackbeltmom suggested at Oct meeting that my flow may also be insufficient. This is confirmed by pockets of red slime algae in the front corners. Plan on buying new maxspect gyre pump. Will also treat with chemiclean.
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angel eating well again
View June 26, 2014 05:15
Cleaned tank as well as I can. getting a few alge outbreaks and wondering if it has to do with nitrates. phosphate problem should be well taken care of.
coral seems to be doing well and is feeding. went nuts when I cleaned the glass, but reef chili made a load of difference in color as did removing the top glass.
also both fish made it through quarantine. clown is eating like a pig again. angel just nibbles but I think that has to do with the water quality in the qt. I kinda let it go the last couple weeks and combine with the meds I think the angel just isn't sitting right. I think after we get her back to the display she'll feel better. I also plan on implementing a more varied diet too.
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to be picked up on 6/6
2 part
pe Mysis
misc additives
View May 26, 2014 19:09
Ok so... I've figured out I have a parasite issue, whether it ich or velvet, I don't know. got some paraguard and moved every fish to the QT. will treat as instructed every 24 hrs. and I will do a 50% water change every 3-4 days. fish seem better though. quarantine will last 4 weeks.
to dampen the blow I did get my first coral. a very nice Favites war coral. original color purple with green mouths. I've had to turn down the lights by 50% because of what I THINK is bleaching. spotty whitening patches and a lighter purplish brown color over all. was on sand bed but moved it up to a low rock crevice that I think will be its final place. seems happy there. I read that it can take weeks to see feeder tentacles but saw them the night after I moved it. will get some food tomorrow.
also stopped feeding the tank when I moved the fish but found 2 crabs ripped apart. started feeding pellets and no more fatalities.
last note. fluval heater is actually heating. been using it as a thermometer mostly, think it was dead. in fact its developed a mind of its own and heats when it wants to. left it in and added a fan. temp solved.
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Been having some issues with heat in the tank. I unplugged the heater thinking it was that stuck on, but it wasn't. because my room is closed most of the time and humid because of the tank the ac isn't moving the hot air. when I am home I open the door to exchange the air. its funny, I now do water changes for the fish and air changes for us both :)
Also think ich or velvet introduced. clowns gill plate is damaged and he is scratching himself and acting as if there is an irritant on him with quick flicks. also both fish have a reduced appetite. I fresh water dip and they seem better for a day or two and symtoms return. Goin torun to LFS today and pick up some meds and come home and set up QT.
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plan to add:
long nose hawkfish
kole tang
coral beauty
Red Stripe angel(maybe)
starry blenny
Tahitian Butterfly?
some kind of cardinalfish
Acares Midget Reef Chromis(3)
pink spot watchman goby
Dwarf lionfish?
six line wrasse

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Update on ATO:
Had some issues with the ATO not topping off and the hydor smart level has a feature that if in 10 min, no change is registered, than it will shut off the pump and sound an alarm just as though the overfill is reached.
I wondered if the pump was not receiving enough power, but this was not the case. In fact, it was my fault. in playing with the pump, I had over tightened the impeller housing and the impeller was catching. We are actually at the top of the pumps head which is 20". It is actually a benefit as the top off is slowed.
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