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  • Bacteria Blom in New Frag System
  • dtum
New frag system is going through some growing pains on day 20. Cloudy water and not so pleasant odour.
kevin318 ‐ Great looking set up, the tanks sump are awesome.
Is it possible that the metal handle on the bucket is causing issues even before it rusts? I would remove it immediately just to eliminate that possibility.
Good fortune! I will be following your progression.
dtum@kevin318 that's an excellent point, Kevin. I did remove it and you can see an update in my latest video. Still not where I want the tank to be, but I'm slowly moving in the right direction.
kevin318@dtum the adjustments you made have made a huge difference in the tank, much clearer. I've had a UV before, but I didn't realize how much of a difference it actually makes.
kevin318 2 months
dtum 2 months