Performed major rescaping and have finally added two tangs after suffering an ich outbreak that had killed all of my fish.
d2mini ‐ Looks great! All the hard work and patience is paying off. What are your settings on your vortech pumps?
dtum ‐ Thanks, looking back it is quite pleasant to see how much has been accomplished.
Vortechs go through 4 different modes throughout the day, all controlled by my Apex, for example, I run Nutrient Export at 2 times a day for 30 minutes. The rest of the time is spent in either Lagoon, Reef Crest or Tidal Wave.
d2mini ‐ Awesome, my Profilux is running multiple modes per day as well. I have been experimenting with different settings for the main portion of the day. Do you know what it was doing during this video?
dtum ‐ Hmm... I'll double check when I get home.. I think this is past the nutrient export and is now doing regular Reef Crest. Why do you ask? Anything in particular caught your eye?
d2mini ‐ i was just watching your coral (on the left side) and they seemed to have a nice easy back and forth motion. When my pumps are on reefcrest it looks a lot more turbulent. Right now i'm running them on slow pulse (a few seconds) anti-sync.
djkms ‐ Looking good!!!
rburns24 ‐ Looking good. Lighting looks even better than before.
Are you running them at 65%?
dtum ‐ Thank you!
dtum ‐ Thank you, I've decided to lower it to 40% yesterday. Will run it like this for a few weeks and will look for any changes.
rburns24 ‐ Quite the lights, when you can run them at 40% and
have the corals do OK.
mangups ‐ Beautiful tank !!
jgamble ‐ Wow, stunning tank!
pjvalencia ‐ Cool shot!!
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