Thank you everyone for your congratulations- it is such an honour and joy. More news to come anyone who is impatient can check out my YouTube channel.

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Music I've used for that video is copyrighted so it was blocked on a few mobile devices. If you are using a phone, here's an alternative version just for you.

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For 22 months I've been posting videos that are in diary format. This time around I wanted to try something completely different. So here's the result:

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Here's the latest FTS

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Here's a few more photos of the reef and the frag section.

And here are the frags:

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Happy past holidays everyone!

Here's the latest FTS:

and for your viewing pleasure here is the video:

The tank is now 22 months old and there are quite a few changes that are coming. One of them is - I am switching to Radions! A hardcore SPS reefer is going to give them a second try. I've already been running them successfully in my frag tank for over a year and now I think I'm ready to try them again on my main tank.

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Thank you all for your kind words.

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Here's latest FTS for the tank

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My goodness, I've just watched the video of my reef at 2 months - what a difference. I did not notice it over time, but the difference is night and day.

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