Pragmatic Reef is now 1 month old.
rburns24 ‐ I still can't get over the difference. And this
isn't a knock on Radions either, as I recently
bought 2 Gen 3's myself. But, the tank just looks
sooo much better.
dtum ‐ Thank you. I'm digging the setup myself so far. Just wish those colours will start changing soon :)
reefman_qc ‐ Nice video ! AWSOME tank !
utopianreef ‐ Great video and I am really looking forward to the next one and seeing the filtration system under the tank. Best wishes??.
dtum ‐ Thank you, I'm looking forward to it as well.
selexon ‐ The tank looks fantastic. Really like the aquascape. nice simple and clean. The lil firefish looks a bit lonely another 1 or 2 and they would look nice hangin together...
dtum ‐ Thank you, the tank is just starting out :) I am yet to see SPS colour change for the good, but got to be patient.
Originally I had 3 firefish, 2 have been hiding for a while and then had vanished. But you are right, I think I'll introduce a couple at some point. They are small and lovely. :)
grevedin ‐ fantastic tank!
dtum ‐ Haha! Yours is very very nice as well :) Thank you.
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