Going to try Pulsing Flow on the tank to see if there is a difference
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Practical Reef is now 16 months old and it has been just over 4 months since all of the corals had been wiped out during the move.

Everything has stabilized and is now starting to show decent color. Here's the side shot.

I've also taken a photo from the same angle in the morning when the tank is lit by sun:

And this is what the tank looked like two weeks ago:

A few more shots:

And here is a couple of videos:


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Noticed that some of the SPS colors are washed out, need to lower light intensity and confirm alkalinity.

Conclusion: do not change more than 1 thing a month.

Lowered light intensity all around by 5 per cent.
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Practical Reef at 15 months. 3 months after a full crash.

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As some of you may know, I have experienced my first real crash last month, my prized acros have not reacted kindly to the move, I did make a few mistakes that had caused a total meltdown over the course of 24 hours. Here's a re-cap:




Good news is that I'm still in the hobby, the tank is back to normal and I'm starting almost from scratch. I might do a few things different and better this time around. Stay tuned.


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Hey everyone, happy holidays. To finish off this year, here's Practical Reef at 8 month mark.

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7 month mark for Practical Reef. Enjoy


As for the light schedule - I'm still tweaking mine. But basically trying to hit 220 PAR in the middle of the tank, 8-9 hours of predominantly blue light.

And I'm not spot feeding my corals, but have been adding some PolypLab products.

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The tank is at a six month mark!

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We are now at a 3 month mark, colours are starting to improve and I am getting some crazy polyp extension. See for yourself:


As for the settings for MP40, I was running them at 30% first, but then had to dial one down to about 10% because my anemone was not happy.

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So, it has been 2 months since I've started the tank. The tank is doing great, SPS corals look fairly healthy, many have lost their vibrance but they are not bleaching and polyp extension is through the roof, even better than in the old tank - I think not having a flame angel around could have something to do with it.

I like the tank and don't mind the centre overflow, I like its compactness and how practical it is. Having said that, if the tank was deeper by another 4 inches it would be a lot better.

The sump is quite small, but I've managed to put everything in there and have a few ideas for future modifications.

I've shot a video that overviews my current progress. My goal is to continue stabilizing the system, riding out various mini cycles that are going on in the tank and start working on coloration around September.

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