Eclipse 6

Volume 6 Gallons
Make Marineland
Model Eclipse 6





50W Heater

On average you perform a 88.8% water change every 12 days.

0% total water change in August.

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Well, so much for this tank. It has been a real up and down battle with this tank. Came out a retirement and prepped for use again only to be torn down for use as a QT. Then when I thought the need
Nitrates are through the roof which is expected. Done a couple dosing with no water changes. Did 2 2 gallon changes today. No real drop in nitrates, but really didn't expect much. Will be doing mo
Tank seems to have cycled. Ammonia dropped to 0 a few days after dosing so dosed it up again. Back to zero the next day. Been trying to build up some aquascape but not been having much luck. The e
All dosed up. 8 ppm ammonia. See what happens in a couple days.
The tank is back! Decided I wasn't going to add any more fish to the main tank so didn't need this to remain a QT any longer. Since I was starting the Evolve 4, figured I would get this one started
Well, this tank is ending before it even really got started. Converting it to a QT in an effect to reduce the fish die off in the other tank.

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