Filled CO2 reactor
View April 14, 2013 21:11
Took the MH light off the sump, was starting to interfere with the maintenance.

Moved the frags to the front tank.
View April 14, 2013 21:11
Reconfigured the Apex

Moved all the parts to a new red board.
View April 14, 2013 21:07
Got more 1/4" R.O Water Line and setup both blue mixing buckets closer to the tank.

I also sliced the main feed into both tanks so I always have two full buckets (one to be used for salt, which reminds me, I should add a shutoff valve on the salt bucket to prevent diluting the salt!)
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Updating an image of the Debelius' Reef Lobster - Amelia found one on her phone from when we were moving some rock around awhile back.

Not the greatest picture in the world, but at least you can tell what it is.

This lobster definitely hides.. a lot.
View April 9, 2013 13:08
Removed the temporary VERTEX ZEO MEDIA Reactor 3L from the tank. It had been in there for roughly 6 weeks and it was time to change the media.

I repaired the KZ 5L ZEOlit reactor yesterday (put to the side for 5 weeks). It was entirely too easy to make this reactor much more enjoyable to use.

After watching a lot of Korallen Zucht youtube videos, i noticed that they do not run the top portion of their reactors (rubber seal, lid, nor handle). Further more, they have the reactor nossel plugged/blocked to the water comes up and over the reactor (which is quieter, and just simply looks cool)

After seeing this setup time and time again, I figuring, I have a massive sump, why not try the same thing.

I have to say i'm loving this setup thus far (a few hours in). It's easier to shake the reactor media. I can use the smaller bits of media as they don't get stuck in the stirring motion.

I can now also easily run the carbon at the top of the reactor, making it really easy to kneed the carbon daily as well. Love this! best/easiest change I've made to my system in years.
View April 9, 2013 12:52
Have taken the apex offline. The tank is shutdown with the exception of a pump and a skimmer
View April 7, 2013 18:00
Another 20% water change today. Changed the Carbon again as well, used 20% more and 20% is run in the zeolit reactor in a higher flow. the full bag is in a slower flow area.

Dosed ZeoZym and set the skimmer to dry skim. added 12 drops of biomate, 8 drops of zeobak, 12 drops of sponge power, 10 drops of CV, and one cap of photoplankton. also fed the fish.
View February 11, 2013 19:36
Since the frag tank has been ripped down, I think that I am skimming too much with both the KZ and Deltec skimmers running.

I shut off the Deltec today.. we'll see how things are doing in a week's time.
View February 10, 2013 19:26
Another 20% Water change today to rid my tank of what I have dubbed "the pink death".
View February 9, 2013 19:35