Added several corals from my main reef tank today.
View June 3, 2013 22:56
Wasn't seeing the results expected from the Kessil 360w. The light was not a very even coverage, and barley kept SPS alive, rather than coloring them up.

I set Up the Radion for 12 hour program with a 30 minute ramp up/down. The spectrum is set to 20K for the entire day.
View May 29, 2013 10:12
Configured the Neptune Apex Breakout box with a float valve to control outlet 6.ATOpump

example program:

set off
failback off
if switch1 closed then on
View May 7, 2013 23:23
Moved around the aquascape today - not sure if I made it better or worst. I did however scare everything in the tank, so regardless of how it looks I think it will be staying this way for awhile.

I got quite a bit of cloudiness when I moved the rock and it was quite hard to see it as I placed everything back.

Also cleaned any salt creep around the sump walls, refilled the RO section, cleaned the glass inside and out and double checked the apex setup.
View May 6, 2013 02:32
Added two more pieces of live rock. I plan to attempt to aquascape again this weekend and will probably remove 2 or 3 different pieces until I achieve the look I am going for.
View May 2, 2013 17:09
I repair the KZ skimmer - it wasn't drawing any air or producing the right foam I expect from a kz skimmer. I replaced the pump with an identical flow eheim rather than the stock pump as it was quite loud and thought to be the issue at first. Then noticed there was water escaping the skimmer at a few of the silicone seals. I've re-sealed them and the skimmer is now performing as expected and quieter.
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Started using KZ Carbon - Change weekly .4L actively run in the zeo reactor.
View April 30, 2013 10:10
Soaking carbon for addition to the tank tomorrow.
View April 28, 2013 00:21
with the dosings today the skimmer will be left off 16 hours.
View April 28, 2013 00:18
Raised the Kessil light 4" to get a more even light spread.
View April 28, 2013 00:09