Ward's Island Reef

Toronto Island
Volume 130 Gallons
Dimensions 80'' x 20'' x 20''
Make Miracles
Model Custom
Lighting schedule





22 Fish

2 Blue/Green Reef Chromis Chromis viridis
Dispar Anthias Pseudanthias dispar
Eye Spot Blenny sp sp
Line spot Wrasse sp sp
4 Lyretail Anthias Pseudanthias squamipinnis
Lyretail Anthias Pseudanthias squamipinnis
McCosker's Flasher Wrasse Paracheilinus mccoskeri
Midas Blenny Ecsenius midas
Mystery Wrasse Pseudocheilinus ocellatus
Ornate Leopard Wrasse Macropharyngodon ornatus
Powder Brown Tang Acanthurus japonicus
Red Fin Waspfish sp sp
Scooter Blenny Synchiropus ocellatus
helmet clown sp sp

73 Corals

Acropora Aculeus Acropora Aculeus
Bali Green Slimer Acropora yongei
Birdsnest Coral Seriatopora hystrix
Blue Berry Wine ACRO sp
Captain America Palythoa sp sp
Dendro Colony sp sp
2 Fire Cracker sp sp
Gonipora Pink sp sp
Jedi Mindtrick monti sp sp
Leptastrea Leptastrea sp.
Mandarin Swag Torch sp sp
Needle in the haystack C.C sp sp
Neon Hammer sp sp
Pacman deep water acro sp sp
2 Rastas sp sp
Red Dragon Acropora Acropora carduus
Red brick chalise sp sp
Strawberry Shortcake Acropora microclados
Tyree Space monster sp sp
Ultra Fungia sp sp
acan orange and green Acanthastrea echinata
blue eagle tenuis sp sp
blue tipped staghorn sp sp
blueberry feilds monti sp sp
bright green acro sp sp
greenbrown Palythoa sp sp
4 iron man mushrooms sp sp
lucifers zoa sp sp
needle in the haystack sp sp
oragon tort sp sp
4 orange maul sp sp
15 pineapple express sp sp
pirple and green acro sp sp
purple milli sp sp
rainbow cloves sp sp
red chalise sp sp
sunset milli sp sp
tri color valida sp sp

10 Invertebrate

10 Banded Trochus Snail Trochus sp.

1 Plant

Red Fern - Haliptilon sp. sp sp


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