Zeovit System

Harrisburg PA


I started this system in order to teach myself how to use Zeovit along with trying new ways to improve growth. I wanted to do a completely separate system that wouldn't impact the life i currently have in the main reef.


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I'm using one SB Reef Light 165 watt approximately 10 incest off the water level.




2 Fish

2 Clarkii Clownfish Amphiprion clarkii

7 Corals

3 Invertebrate

Blue Legged Hermit Crab Clibanarius tricolor
2 Turban Snail Tectus fenestratus


SB Reef Light Basic Box 165 watts
DIY ZEOvit Reactor
Bulk Reef Supply dry live rock
3 1" PVC Elbow
2 3/4" Ball Valve
5 3/4" PVC Elbow
3/4" PVC T
4 x 8 BRS Mesh Filter Sock with Draw String
8 Feet 1" PVC
8 Feet 3/4" PVC
Bulk Head 1 inch Slip-Slip
2 Bulk Head 3/4 inch Thread-Slip
Clear Check Valve
Custom Filter Socks
Dosing Pump Tube Holder
Flat Black Oil Base Paint
Low Profile 1" Overflow
Lowes Glass Sheet 24x36
Zeovit Reactor Ball Valve

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ZEOfood7 Stop 2/2/16 · LRS Reef Herbivore Frenzy · ZEOfood7 · zeovit Coral Vitalizer · ZEOfood7 Stop 3/2/16

On average you perform a 14.3% water change every 13 days.

0% total water change in August.

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Changed out heater with planted tank.
I need to get a smaller ATO pump this one keeps putting to much water in the tank and causing SG issues.
I need to get a smaller ATO pump this one keeps putting to much water in the tank and causing SG issues.
Lights are now on cheap timers for now. I will be picking up a different skimmer tomorrow along with a jebao rw-8 wave maker. I also plan on getting zk coral vit, zk pols extra and zk sponge power sup
Today I felt a shock in the tank. Came to find out the Skimmer was doing it. So at this point I have no Skimmer.
Added a dosing pup holder next to the sump.

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