added 5grams of PO4 mix to the current 5 grams
View November 1, 2018 19:28
Update need to wait 24 hours before testing PO4. The phyto is showing up on the test. Noted
View November 1, 2018 19:19
Check PO4 and it was 0.21. Nitrate test kit will be here tomorrow so i can see what my NO3 is really at before making to many adjustments.
View October 31, 2018 20:27
Checked the PO4 this morning and it was still 0. I tested the solution i made and it came back with 0.02 and that was 100% solution not mixed with tank water. Makes me wonder what its going to do with 300 gallons of water if only 1 ml is showing 0.02. Im thinking of adding more KH2PO4 to the 500 ml bottle.
View October 31, 2018 10:20
Going to start dosing PO4 With KH2PO4. The same company that i got the KNO3.
I mixed 5grams into 500ml of water and the calculator says that 5ml will increase PO4 by 0.03. Going to start dosing 5ml per day and see what happens.
View October 31, 2018 01:32
Started dosing phytoplankton
View October 30, 2018 19:29
I havent dosed KNO3 Yet and the tank is still at 4+ppm. Waiting on new test kit before dosing again.

PO4 has gone to 0 down from 0.05.

Algae on the bottom and back of the tank is going away, starting to see glass through it. Corals look ok i am starting to see a little darker colors in acros.
View October 28, 2018 18:53
Tested 4+ ppm this morning and did not dose any Nitrates. Going to order a new nitrate test kit mine expired last month whoops
View October 27, 2018 10:38
Now dosing 80ml in the morning, I will test in 1 hour to see what the ppm is. I will also test once the lights go off.

The test looked a little than 4ppm. Did not do high range test
View October 24, 2018 09:00
tested nitrates before light came on and the level dropped to .25ppm. Going to dose 60ml and test tonight after the lights go off
View October 22, 2018 08:57