freddyreef ‐ Hi why do you connect the Jebaos to the Neptune apex you will have better control over them
Your tank is beautiful
fishofhex ‐ Thank you! my only reason for not doing that is I haven't decided if I'm going to keep them or not.
freddyreef ‐ Oo ok yea. I like them if you decide on not keeping them can you sale them to me
fishofhex ‐ Sure thing
freddyreef ‐ Thanks. And I'm in love with your tank I'm gonna try to get mine as nice as yours right now is doing the cycle but I when with sand like 3" can you give me some tips of how to set up my sump I was thinking about putting miracle mud
fishofhex ‐ Sure What ill do tomorrow is make a video just about my sump setup and how it works if you would like. Or if you want to send me an email with any questions you have we could do that
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