Bought a used reefpillar built with living rock (3 legs,branches) from a guy. I am really satisfied with it since i got it really cheap.

I will do some more aquascaping i the tank.
View April 1, 2015 03:04
Deltec reactor started up to bring down Nitrates from 19.2.
Added Seachem 330g SeaGel, 1/3 of 1L.
View March 31, 2015 02:03
First measure of all the water parameters since new tank was started up.No filtermedia added yet.
View March 30, 2015 23:28
Water was crystall clear so decided to move 2 fishes from my old tank.Also moved living rock and anemones over.
So I now have 3 fishes, 4 eremites and 1 turbo snail and 1 seacucumber in the new tank.

Think I will slowly move over my living to the new one, not all at once.So that the load in the aquarium will increase slowly.
View March 26, 2015 05:57
Startup aquarium filled up.

Temp: 26C
Sal 1.023-1.024
View March 24, 2015 10:26
Added live rock from my old aquarium 24/3.
Maxspect Gyre bought from Triton Akvarium 24/3.
View March 24, 2015 01:49