I took a nice pic of my Sun Coral this morning with my iPhone 5. The tank lights were off.
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I added some pics I have on my phone. There is a lot more growth now.
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I added all my equipment and livestock to the list here. Of course this was all added slowly over the past few years.
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Skimmer is back to normal now. Since it got a good vinegar bath it has to be "broken in" again. AND, the cyano appears to be gone!
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I let the skimmer drain run into a bucket for a while. After it filled the 5 gallon bucket I gave up on it. I did another WC. The first 5g was from the skimmer...
I started the skimmer, put the drain tube into a bucket. After about a gallon of wet skim it finally settled down!
I still have it wide open, but the bubbles in the skimmer are now at the water level of the sump, like it should be. The foam is now thick and rising to the top of the neck, as it should!
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In 1 week since I added the RSR to the tank I have not been able to use my skimmer.
I have filled both canisters of BRS duel reactor with fresh carbon twice, run the skimmer wide open for over a week now.... It is still filling with very thick foam and overflowing the cup within a few minutes of starting it. I have the drain plug out so it will empty back into the sump, there is a continuous flow of water from the drain. If I dont remove the plug the cup will fill in a few minutes and overflow from the top. Even with the plug out it fills and knocks the lid off in about 20 mins! It acts like I have the valve closed, but it is completely open.
I even put the skimmer on a higher stand, and also without a stand, but to no help. I tried to just run it for a few hours, to allow it to settle in, but the micro bubbles are so bad that the DT gets filled and turns into a milky white within 2 hours. So I turn it off at night, and while I am gone. I ran it most of the weekend, but only for a few hours at a time so the bubbles in the DT would dissipate The bubbles get stuck to my corals and they become irritated.
Before I added the RSR, the bubbles in the skimmer body would begin right above the bubble plate and not be much below the water level of the sump. Now the bubbles go all the way down to the bottom of the skimmer so I can not even see the bubble plate. The bubble are very small (micro) and are exiting the skimmer through the exit tube/gate valve. I have tried with a elbow, a tee and lots of plumbing combos. Also with no plumbing mods-just the gate valve. I even pulled the entire gate valve off.
I know in time this will (should) settle down. I am just a bit frustrated, I am glad the cyano is gone, but didnt really expect this kind of skimmer reaction.
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For the past few months I had a growing cyano problem.
After 2 separate 3 day lights out, adding GFO to my reactor 3 times, replacing carbon in reactor a few times, several water changes, and daily siphoning it out and blowing the sand with a turkey baster... I did 1 dose of Red Slime Remover on Saturday afternoon. It "killed" the cyano, or at least stopped the growth of it for now.
But, I had not been able to run my skimmer for more than 5 minutes since dosing the RSR. Before I finished putting the RSR in the tank, my skimmer (SRO 3000int) foamed up and overflowed. I opened the gate valve all the way, but it did not help. So I turned it off. I had turned it on a few times, but it still foamed and overflowed right away. I ran a hose from the cup drain into a sock and just let it go. The big problem was, the skimmer body completely filled with bubbles, so it dumped micro bubbles out and turned my sump into a a milky white, micro bubble filled sump. All 3 chambers were filled with bubbles. After a few minutes it gets to the return pump which made the tank fill with micro bubbles. 5 minutes later and the tank is so "cloudy" that I could not see anything but shadows of fish. No way to see any rock or corals.
I did 3 water changes, it helped a little but not enough. 15-30 mins after turning the skimmer on the micro bubbles over take the sump & tank.
This seemed like a good time to take the skimmer completely out and give it a good vinegar bath.
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