For the past few months I had a growing cyano problem.
After 2 separate 3 day lights out, adding GFO to my reactor 3 times, replacing carbon in reactor a few times, several water changes, and daily siphoning it out and blowing the sand with a turkey baster... I did 1 dose of Red Slime Remover on Saturday afternoon. It "killed" the cyano, or at least stopped the growth of it for now.
But, I had not been able to run my skimmer for more than 5 minutes since dosing the RSR. Before I finished putting the RSR in the tank, my skimmer (SRO 3000int) foamed up and overflowed. I opened the gate valve all the way, but it did not help. So I turned it off. I had turned it on a few times, but it still foamed and overflowed right away. I ran a hose from the cup drain into a sock and just let it go. The big problem was, the skimmer body completely filled with bubbles, so it dumped micro bubbles out and turned my sump into a a milky white, micro bubble filled sump. All 3 chambers were filled with bubbles. After a few minutes it gets to the return pump which made the tank fill with micro bubbles. 5 minutes later and the tank is so "cloudy" that I could not see anything but shadows of fish. No way to see any rock or corals.
I did 3 water changes, it helped a little but not enough. 15-30 mins after turning the skimmer on the micro bubbles over take the sump & tank.
This seemed like a good time to take the skimmer completely out and give it a good vinegar bath.
May 8, 2013 09:36