I was advised to point my power head down towards the live rock, which I did. Allot of debris came off of the rock and is being filtered out. He said pointing the power head at the live rock will cause the bacteria to grow quicker. Will also flow more water through the rock to clean everything up. Diatoms still spreading. Copepods have vanished. Still some algae grazing flatorks on the glass but not many. Allot of dead copepods were on the rocks got blown off by the power head. I may change a filter tomorrow or rinse it off.
View April 27, 2014 22:00
I did a 20% water change and siphoned the substrate. I also moved the filter intake upward in the tank to a little over midway. There's diatom growth on half the rocks and not any on the other half. I'll check nitrates here in an hour or so to see if the nitrates came down any. I'm also changing the filter media every 2 weeks.
View April 25, 2014 20:43
I started the tank on 3/21/14 I believe and today marks the one month anniversary. Today when I got home from work, behold. Diatoms are beginning to grow in there. They are on a few of my rocks and a couple small spots in the crushed coral. I did about a 30% water change and nitrates are still really high, but it does look like they have come down maybe a hair.. and I'm being optimistic there...
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Well I've had this tank up for a month now and it's hard to be patient. My cycle was complete at one time but then I added some dry rock from BRS and it started another cycle. My nitrites finally came down today and I guess tomorrow I will do a 10% water change. No diatoms yet. Wonder why? Well so far in my tank I have some Pukani rock, which I loooove by the way, some Reef Saver, which is extremely heavy and pale in color but it's okay I guess. I have one Tonga shelf rock, which I don't really like. I will probably end up taking the ugly thing out of there. Most of my rock is Fiji, which is nice. It has good form and good color. I do like my two Pukani rocks best tho and they are lightweight so that's awesome. I have a couple of seashells in there for kicks. Crushed coral as my substrate that I will probably change out for sand.
View April 14, 2014 19:51