Well I've had this tank up for a month now and it's hard to be patient. My cycle was complete at one time but then I added some dry rock from BRS and it started another cycle. My nitrites finally came down today and I guess tomorrow I will do a 10% water change. No diatoms yet. Wonder why? Well so far in my tank I have some Pukani rock, which I loooove by the way, some Reef Saver, which is extremely heavy and pale in color but it's okay I guess. I have one Tonga shelf rock, which I don't really like. I will probably end up taking the ugly thing out of there. Most of my rock is Fiji, which is nice. It has good form and good color. I do like my two Pukani rocks best tho and they are lightweight so that's awesome. I have a couple of seashells in there for kicks. Crushed coral as my substrate that I will probably change out for sand.
April 14, 2014 19:51