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Youngstown Ohio
Volume 29 Gallons
Make Topfin


I had a planted tank from 2000 to 2006, but when we moved I decided not to keep it running. I gave the tank away and moved on. Well when I was asked if I wanted the tank back I said yes. I cleaned up the old tank and got it set up. I'm looking forward to getting back into the aquarium hobby.


I had this tank setup ten years ago, but when we moved I decided to not continue with the hobby. I gave the tank away, and after ten years I was asked if I wanted it back, so here we go again.


The tank has a 16 year old Hagen Fluval 204 Canister Filter that I use filter fluff, carbon, and those bio beads. Nothing special or fancy, but very effective in a 29 gallon tank.


I'm using a 65watt daylight bulb that gives me 2.2 watts per gallon, or medium lighted tank.


The fluval gives me 180 GPH or 6.2 tank turnovers per hour.




I have the plants set up for medium light, and Co2 injection. The tank is a community tank with Sunburst Platys and Cory Cats. Nothing fancy, but balanced.

24 Fish

Albertini Corydoras Corydoras Pantanalensis
4 Albino Aeneus Cory Cat Corydoras aeneus
Dwarf Gourami Colisa lalia
Gold Algae Eater Gyrinocheilos aymonieri
6 Guppy Poecilia Reticulata
2 Peppered Cory Cat Corydoras paleatus
2 Peppered Cory Cat Corydoras paleatus
5 Sunburst Platy Xiphophorus maculatus
2 Sunburst Platy Xiphophorus maculatus

13 Plants

Anubias nana Anubias nana
Banana Plant Nymphoides aquatica
Brazilian pennywort Hydrocotyle leucocephala
Chain Sword - Narrow Lea Echinodorus tenellus
Cryptocoryne Red Cryptocoryne wendtii
2 Dwarf Hairgrass Eleocharis acicularis
Hygrophila, Temple Narrow Leaf Hygrophila, Temple Narrow Leaf
4 Narow Leaf Anacharis EGERIA NAJAS
Narrow Leaf Java Fern Microsorum pteropus sp. Narrow


SunPaq SmartPaq Aquarium Lamp 65watt
Co2 Hydroponics Extoic Injection System
Foam Filters (12 filters)
Fish Tank Aquarium Red Clear Plastic Air Pump Check Valves 5 Pcs
HDE LCD Digital Fish Tank Aquarium Thermometer
CO2 Glass Drop Checker
Fluval 88g-CO2 Bubble Counter - 3.1 Ounces
Rhinox Nano Carbon Dioxide CO2 Diffuser Glass Reactor for Aquarium Tank Plants Spiral
Vepotek Aquarium Background Ocean Blue/Black


As of 8/22/16 I've started the PPS Pro. I'm excited to be doing something scientific instead of the old guesswork that I use to do. This seems like an easy way to keep a healthy tank.

Feeding See more

Shrimp Pellets · TetraMin Tropical Flakes · Fed Tetra granulated formula · Fed TetraMin Tropical Flakes · Fed Shrimp Pellets · Fed granules and pellets
The tank will be fed with dry flake, granule, and pellet food.


Just getting back into the tank I'm going to be doing water testing twice per week, dosing three times a week, water changes once a week, and filter maintenance once per month.

On average you perform a 63.2% water change every 3 days.

0% total water change in August.

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Today my Co2 tank was empty. Not sure what was up with that, but I got if filled, came back and checked the fittings and didn't find a leak.

The Nitrate test kit came tonight, so I ran
Today I did water tests, and my nitrites were at 3. I decided to do a 50% water change. While I was doing that I lowered the dip tester to the bottom of the tank. I also found a few good suction cu
Well I had my first loss today, let's say goodbye to my Clown Loach. I feel bad that I brought him into a cycling tank. He ate this morning, but by afternoon he was gone. I did have a few additions
Came home from work and fed the fish. I found one of the fry swimming in the back. It seems to be doing well. The Cory cats came out to eat, and they seem happy with the new setup. Mama and papa P
Ordered K2SO4 and MgSO4 from Amazon today.
Once this comes in I will start doing the PPS-Pro dosing. I already had the other elements from my old setup.
Today my ammonia was starting to get where I didn't want it. I decided to prolong the cycle to keep the fish healthy, so I did a 50% water change again. I also changed my timer to something a little

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Inspiration & Goals

We wanted something in the room where we can turn off the TV and enjoy the peacefulness that an aquarium gives. I want a tank that with a minimum amount of maintenance will give back the rewards that a healthy planted tank gives.