It seems that despite the passive/active cooling of the LED fixture, the light is radiating enough heat to lift the tank temperature by 2 degrees over the 8 hour photoperiod. Will have to incorporate a little fan to blow hot air away from the tank and perhaps cool the water slightly.
View June 28, 2013 06:25
Did first water change since the cycle today. Changed out about 12 liters. Was hoping the kh and ph would lift slightly after the water change but it still seems the same. Will switch water sources from today as I suspect the current source had an inherently low carbonate hardness. The good news is that the skimmer seems to be progressing on the break in. I even had about 2ml of yellowish water in the cup when I cleaned it. Temps are still an issue. Tank seems to settle down to around 26.5 overnight and then runs around 27 through the afternoon. The part that puzzles me is that the evening temps rise to 28 even though it's winter and the day gets cooler. Lights then seem to add another 1 degree bringing the overall tank temp to 29 by the time the lights go out at night (8 hour photoperiod).

Will probably add a fish today to keep the bio load going as I'm concerned about bacteria die off without some bioload.
View June 26, 2013 08:13
Micro bubbles from skimmer seemed better this evening. The foam head looked like it dropped lower down the skimmer neck. opened the air valve ever so slightly and it rose to what i presume is the correct level. confident it will get much better. Need to find a better airline attachment or vale so that more precise adjustments can be made to the air intake. Still struggling with temps. Hit 29 Celsius today. Need to figure out the heat issues. Hopefully a new thermometer will yield some clues.
View June 24, 2013 18:31
Tested today.cycle seems to be over. Will wait a few days to let it settle. This will give me some time to dial in the filtration equipment. started up the skimmer for the first time as well since the reactor is now tumbling the biopellets. Skimmer is going nuts and filling the tank with microbubbles. Got busy building an insert able baffle for the return chamber to keep the bubbles away from the return. Let's see how the skimmer behaves over the next week.
View June 23, 2013 11:06
Cycle is going well. Anticipate just a few more days until nitrite had been reduced to acceptable levels. Contacted Nayhan at TSR today to start readying a CUC. Not sure yet on specific stocking for this tank but will make sure to plan it out well. Pump on the reactor didn't quite work so will have to get it swapped out tomorrow and then get those biopellets tumbling.
View June 20, 2013 20:09