Calibrated ph probe.
View February 9, 2015 08:51
Algae fix. 3 tsp.
View December 19, 2014 14:07
Added powerhead in return pump section of sump to remove detritus from that area
View January 18, 2014 20:56
Added one clump of chaeto algae to sump.
View January 18, 2014 20:55
Dosed 2 tsp of phytofeast in hopes of helping the Coco worm
View January 18, 2014 20:54
Coco worm looked "deflated" this afternoon. It was also in its tube in the afternoon for a while. This is unusual. There may be more red/pink showing at the end of the tube than previously seen.
View January 17, 2014 16:25
Blue hippo - visible white dots in afternoon. Put back in quarantine tank.
View December 28, 2013 20:35