180 L Reef

Volume 180 Liters
Make Juwel
Model Vision 180
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This will be my proof of concept. First, I want to see how much work the saltwater aquarium really is in comparison to the fresh water. I also want to use this to proof to my family that a salt water aquarium is a big addition to our family and looks stunning.

The plan is to keep this aquarium very simple and not over populate. Keep it easy to deal with so that I can learn and enjoy at the same time.


The aquarium was a long time in the planning. I started almost 2 years ago when I finally got a fresh water aquarium. Although, a salt water aquarium was always my dream.

First, the plan was to start off with a big aquarium in the living room as I wanted to do the investments only once (2 m*0.7 m). However, the sheer volume of water for that project gave me some second thoughts and I re-evaluated.

So finally I came up with doing a "proof of concept" run in a slightly smaller and more manageable project. I looked for some second hand aquariums around 200 liters and found the JUWEL Vision 180 (180 liters; 0.92 m * 0.40/0.5 m). The plan is once we decide to go for a bigger tank, we will continue using this one as a hospital tank.

The plan is to have a Reef aquarium with anemone fish to begin with. As an anemone will not be feasible to begin with, I am thinking about having some soft corals that will be compatible with the clown fish I choose. Of course, I plan to also have a clean up crew, something I am actually more excited about than the fish themselves.

For the reef, I am not entirely sure if I should go for dry stone (Switzerland, living stone is really expensive) or for ceramic reef as I don't really want to add to the issue of killing the reefs further.

For substrate, I was swaying between bare bottom and shallow sand bed. However, recent articles I read pushed me towards a shallow sand bed. It seems to help in balancing the pH and give additional filter abilities. Something that will be especially useful when considering that I might not have any living stone in the setup. The corning will be something between 1 - 2 mm.


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There is a built in internal filter for the JUWEL Vision 180. I plan to go with that and add some active coal to it probably.

I do not plan to have additional sumps or hang on filters. Most of the removal of unwanted chemicals should happen over weekly water changes.


For lighting, I will keep it simple. Currently, there are 2 35 W T5 bulbs. I will continue using those and add an additional 2 T5 and add some reflectors. I hope this will not get too warm! I don't really want to invest any more than this in lighting before I don't know that I will continue with the hobby.


Currently, I plan to use just the internal filter (Eccoflow 600) and a Maxspect Gyre XF130. It seems a fancy new technique and I wanted to give it a go.




To begin with, a clean up crew is planned.

Once the tank is fully cycled, I want to introduce a pair of clown fish (not sure which ones yet, but they should stay small as it is only a 180 liter tank).

9 Corals

33 Invertebrate

3 Blue Legged Hermit Crab Clibanarius tricolor
3 Blue Legged Hermit Crab Clibanarius tricolor
Crocea Clam Tridacna crocea
5 Dwarf Zebra Hermit Crab Calcinus laevimanus
2 Emerald Crab Mithraculus sculptus
4 Nassarius Snail Nassarius sp.
Randall's Pistol Shrimp Alpheus randalli
2 Red Legged Hermit Crab Clibanarius sp.
Tiger Pistol Shrimp Alpheus bellulus
3 Turban Snail Tectus fenestratus
3 Turban Snail Tectus fenestratus
4 Turbo Snail Turbo fluctuosa


Mondlicht LED
Aqua Heat 200
JUWEL 200 Watt
Juwel VISION 180
SEMRO WOHA basic Aquarium
Juwel ECCOFLOW 600
Eccoflow 600
HOB Filter
sera L60 internal filter
Inkbird ITC-210T
2 HOBBY Präzisions-Thermometer SB
TUNZE RO TDS Monitor 8533
Fauna Marin Balling® Salz - Magnesiumchlorid-Mix 1KG ( BIOPOLYMER )
16 Tetra FreshDelica Brine Shrimp
Aqua Light Mischflocken
FISHPOPS Marine-mix sticks
FrozenFood Fish eggs
Microbe-Lift Garlic Enhance
tetraCrusta Menu
Gilbers REEF Analytics Calcium
Gilbers REEF Analytics Magnesium
RL2720115 Phosphate Reagent
Fauna Marin Balling Ca
Fauna Marin Balling Kh
Fauna Marin Balling® Salz - Calcium-Mix 1KG ( BIOPOLYMER )
Dennerle Nano Marinus Reef Shells
4 Easy-Life Pipette
Feeding Pipette
Gardena 1169-20 Bewässerungsuhr
Juwel automatic feeder
Vertex Filtersock Nylon 110

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frozen shrimp · TetraCrusta Menu · Nyos Reef Pepper · Aqua Light Mischflocken · FrozenFood Fish eggs · FISHPOPS Marine-mix sticks · frozen Fishfood Zierfish Center Basel · Zierfischzenter Basel Tiefkühlkost · life artemia from Zoo Kölle · JBL Plankton Pur · Tetra FreshDelica Brine Shrimp · White mosquito larvae · NYOS Coral Nectar · Ocean Nutrition Mysis · Ocean Nutrition Brine Shrimp · Sera Fishtamin · Phyto-Plus A Premium Phytoplankton · reef pepper · Microbe-Lift Garlic Enhance · Microbe-Lift Coral Food LPS


Maintenance will mainly be hard labor ;) No automatic water top off, no calcium reactors (replenish anything by water changes, although I do not expect it to use much as I do not plan to have anything but the easiest to keep stony eventually in this system). Obviously, I will have a heater automatically keeping the water temperature but all the other values will be observed using drop tests.

On average you perform a 12% water change every 41 days.

0% total water change in July.

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moved all fish and corals and broke it down. All in the new Red Sea Reefer 350.
fed LPS granulates for the first time. Mainly to the Acan but also Duncan. Two for right Euphyllia and 1 to left Euphyllia. Want to observe how they react and see if I continue.
both assessors were out for feeding. Saw pistol shrimp beneath briareum stone.
attached Acan to stone with new epoxy. Seems to hold well. Hopefully not to close to Euphyllia.
saw both assessors out for eating.
I need to crank up maintenance again. Filter floss more often and also clean filter box, it looks disgusting!

Added some additional sand to give the nassarius some more digging space and

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Inspiration & Goals

My inspiration at the moment is really mother nature. I love diving and it always was a dream to bring a piece of this peacefulness back home in form of an aquarium. Obviously, we cannot copy mother nature completely, but I want to try to develop a system that is colorful and aesthetically pleasing without becoming too full. The goal clearly is not to cram as much life into a box as possible but to develop a system that is calming and beautiful.