28-09-2014: I think I changed media in Phosban reactor on september 7, but I'm not sure. I'll stop de reactor for now and start it again in 2 weeks with new media.
View September 28, 2014 20:15
Phosban Reactor: I changed the media. 125g of RowaPhos and 100g of Matrix Carbon
View May 19, 2014 11:55
I cleaned the glass with a scrapper.
View February 2, 2014 08:02
Added 125 ml of Matrix Carbon in Phosban reactor.
View January 25, 2014 15:11
My new Acropora and Millepora have not grown since I introduced them 3 months ago, so I changed my Ecotech Radion G2 set-up. A friend on Reefaction.com shared her setup.
View November 24, 2013 14:49
My Ecotech radion G2 starts beeping and the controller light is flashing green/white (I'm on natural mode, which is usually green). I don't know what's going on, but I don't have the time to investigate since I have my hands full with the cleaning. I disconnect the lights, so no more light for today. In the evening I download a new artificial program, JonsRadionGraph, and switch the Radion to artificial mode. I don't know what caused the beeping earlier, but I hope that reseting the program will solve the problem.
View May 26, 2013 22:06
I must do something wrong with my dosing of Calcium/Alkalinity, because Calcium level doesn't go up much and there is a LOT of calcium precipitation on every device in the aquarium: heater, pump, Phosban reactor, Skimmer, etc. Both powerhead are not working anymore and the pump connected to the Phosban doesn't work either. I clean everything in vinegar, which takes up all afternoon. While my sump is empty of devices, I empty it and clean it up while doing a waterchange. I reconnect everything in the evening and everything is working fine now.
View May 26, 2013 22:02