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i have too many small tanks to give them each their own page. we are attempting to breed beta's, red jewel cichlids and endlers live bearers. i will be posting stats on the breading and care of these species, along with tracking the maintenance and equipment involved on this page.


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34 Fish

14 Betta Betta splendens
20 Endler's Livebearer Poecilia sp

500 Invertebrate

500 daphnia magnus daphnia magnus

2 Plants

2 Tropical Hornwort Ceratophyllum submersum

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daphnia to the beta · greenwater to the daphnia · food and water to whiteworm culture · microworms to killifish and endlers · all fish bloodworms · microworms to endlers · mysis to the beta · frozen brine shrimp to betta · rehydrated split pea to betta · greenwater to daphnia · bloadworms to betta · and cleaned whiteworms · spirulina powder to daphnia · bloodworms to betta · vinigar eels and microworms to betta fry · microworms to jewel fry · spirulina powder to BBS · dphnia to betta and fry · small daphnia to betta fry · microworms to jewel and betta fry · BBS to jewel and betta fry · vinigar eels to betta fry · large daphnia to betta adults · small daphnia and rhotophers to red jewel and betta fry · large daphnia to betta · whiteworm culture · whiteworms to jewels · bloodworms to beta and jewels · frozen brine shrimp to beta and jewels · flightless fruit flys to beta · spirulina to daphnia · cherry shrimp to adult fish · large daphnia to bettas · microworms to betta fry · small daphnia to red jewel and betta fry · BBS to betta fry · daphnia to red jewel ,betta fry, and bettas


all betas bowls get a 100% water change every week.
all tanks 10g and under get a 50% water change weekly
large tanks get a 30% water change every 2 weeks.

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Inspiration & Goals

this will be used to track maintenance done on the following containers:

- 10g tank divided in two, used for daphnia cultures
- 4x 1g jars used for greenwater and nanochloropsis cultures
- 2g bucket used for rotopher and pod cultures
- 3x microworm cultures
- 1x whiteworm culture
- 2x custom 10g betta barracks (houses 7 males each)
- 3x betta jars
- 15g betta sorority tank (may get its own page)
- 2x 5 gallon breeding tanks
- 1x 5g plant clipping/ small freshwater quarantine.
- 1x 10g freshwater fish quarentine
- 3x 2.5gallon misc tanks (misc fry rearing - decommisioned currently)
- 20 tall vivarium. (may get its own page)
- 75g misc rearing tank (may get its own page - currently breeding red jewels)
- 3 tier brine shrimp hatchery