Changed ChemiPure Elite in BRS media reactor.

Changed out carbon filter pads in return stage.
View April 19, 2014 15:56
Reinstalled BRS GFO/Carbon reactor in sump/stand. Plumbed new lines from return stage, to reactor, and output into stage 1 from overflow and skimmer. Filter media inside reactor is a bag of Chemi Pure Elite.

Also did all parameter tests on water. Cleaned glass and power heads. Redirected Koralia pump and Koralia Nano for better flow.

Acan coral seems to be growing second head! All other corals seem to be okay.
View March 15, 2014 01:59
Changed out a bag of ChemiPure Elite with a fresh bag today. Blew some sand off the rocks, cleaned the glass, then sat and admired the tank for a few.
View February 19, 2014 22:52
New Aquarium Log!! Will be using this log thanks to Marine Depot's Twitter post referencing MetroKat! Thanks for the suggestion! Also downloaded the app for my iPhone to keep the logging and maintenance experience easier than tracking down my notepad and trying not to get it all soaked and wet!
View February 14, 2014 23:55