Reef-iteration 3.0

Volume 90 Gallons
Dimensions 48'' x 18'' x 25''
Make AGA
Model Reef Ready center overflow


I've been keeping fish tanks since I was a child. Started with small community tanks and kept moving up. I started breeding cichlids in high school; at one point I had a 125G, 3 40B and a 20G all in my basement bedroom. Had to scale back when the humidity messed everything in my parents basement up.

When I moved out and started college I spent about a year without any fish tank and just felt like something was missing in my life. Picked up a 10G from a friend and started playing with low tech plants. I still have that tank and have kept it my low work tanks with some tetras and a pitbull pleco. Although it will be retired in the next few weeks for a 28G bowfront going full planted.

In 2007 I was given a 29G saltwater with some PC lights by a cousin. That was when I got the salt disease. As I finished college that tank never really got the love it needed.

I retired the 29G in 2012 and moved into a 60G with 14G sump. Started really learning the science of salt and trying to grow a full mixed reef. Things were going well until I got a call at work from my roommate. 2/20/14, house flooded, tank cracked, only a few inches of water in the bottom. Rushed home to save what I could. I believe it had been less than an hour since the break by the time I got home. Lost most everything. Managed to save 3 fish, (two of them died a few days later), a few snails, some hermits, some of my favorite mushrooms, a sampling of my zoas, 2 LPS, and one SPS. Miraculously I had just put in a GFCI a week earlier and it tripped, so the house didn't burn down! Otherwise I was back to square one.

Decided this was the time for an upgrade and moved into a 90G with an off-center overflow and a 30g sump. Still rebuilding and working on upgrading parts so that the tank is as bullet proof as possible. Because I never want to go through that kind of crash again!




1 Fish

27 Invertebrate

2 Emerald Crab Mithraculus sculptus
13 Nassarius Snail Nassarius sp.
4 Ninja Star Snail Astraea spp
8 Peppermint Shrimp Lysmata wurdemanni complex


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Local coral food mix · LFS fish mix · coral food mix · LFS coral mix

On average you perform a 4.5% water change every 4 days.

0% total water change in July.

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Been busy with work and life, allergies too. Nothing too exciting with the tank as the rock cooks. Skipped a water change since the bio load is low and everything is looking good. Need to do sine work
Purchased about 20lbs of elk horn rock last night and I'm very excited to get the rock work finished in the tank. I've been stock piling rock I like for a while now and cycling it. I also have to set
Picked up just under lbs. Of elk horn rock today! Went into the cycling bin. I have some really nice stuff to put the scape together once all the cycling is done. Patience now.
Really liking the Aquavitro Salinity salt so far. Mg levels already dropping back to normal. Mixes well, seems to be much more stable. We'll see how it does in the long run.

More rock sca
First water change with Aquavitro Salinity salt. Switched from Red Sea Coral Pro. RSCP mixed badly, could not sit in my mixing barrel prepped our it would precipitate horribly. My Mg is very high, Alk

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