29 Corals

Australian Neon Green Sinularia Sinularia sp
Devil’s Hand Lobophytum sp
Green Paly Palythoa sp
Green Rhodactis Rhodactis sp
Green Slimer Acropora Suharsonoi
8 Green Star Polyps Pachyclavularia Violacea
Pink Birdsnest Seriatopira Hystrix
Pink Spotted Red Mushroom Actinodiscus sp
Purple Acropora Acropora sp
10 Purple Pulsing Xenia Xeniidae sp
2 Stylo Stylophora Pistillata

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Dr. Tim’s One and Only · Stability

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Spirulina Brine Shrimp · Mysis Shrimp

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26.5% total water change in August.

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