The tank has a few fish and a few corals in it now and they are all doing quite well. It is nice to see some movement in there after being empty for so long. There are nine blue/green Chromis, a pair of Wyoming Whites and a rather large Naso Tang. The White pair had been in the little QT for over a month maybe six weeks and they were beginning to fight so they were actually the first ones in. I still have my Blue Jaw Male Trigger in my mother-in-law's 125 reef that I need to catch and bring home but I am going to wait for another few weeks and let the system settle into what is there already.

I have an Anthocercis Acropora, ORA Hawkins Blue Echinata, ORA Indo Purple Tip Staghorn, Montipora Spumosa and some Red Grape Macroalgae. Although the Naso is eliminating the Red Grape as fast as he can. There is a frag of various colored Zoas and a Toadstool that seems to be getting bigger by the day.

View May 15, 2013 14:13
The cycle continues but things are looking up. The dusting of brown diatoms has started on the rock and sand, a good sign I think. I am chomping at the bits start adding fish and corals. Hurry up cycle.
View May 5, 2013 16:33
The entire system is up and running. The controller is running, the fuge lights are installed, the LEDs are over the tank, closed loop works, the Sea-Swirls are turning and the MP40w ES are doing their thing. Glad to see it finally off and running. Now the hard part starts, waiting for the cycle to complete.
View April 19, 2013 22:54
Another fifty pounds of rock added tonight for a total of three hundred fifty pounds. It sure doesn't look like that much. Never did get the rockscape where we loved it but it is pretty good. Finished plumbing in the return pump and will finish the closed loop to the sea-swirls tomorrow morning and them fill with water. The water is made and circulating in the garage. Hopefully there will be pictures of it up and running tomorrow.
View April 13, 2013 22:30
The tank is on the stand, plumbing completed, well almost completed; and three hundred pounds of rock in it. Hopefully by the end of this weekend it will be full of water and running.
View April 9, 2013 19:57
The stand is in place and ready for the tank to be installed. I have my brother and some friends coming over tomorrow to help me set the monster up there. Then the plumbing begins. I have three hundred and forty gallons of salt water made in the storage totes in the garage so when the plumbing, rockscape and sand is done I can start pumping it in. So close......
View March 16, 2013 22:53
The stand is completed and it looks great. It will hold up much better to the saltwater than the Krylon paint did. Moving it back in today and cutting plumbing holes in the 3/4" plywood top. Getting closer and closer to the tank being in the house. We bought all new bulkheads and plumbing parts for this new build.
View March 10, 2013 10:03
The steel stand is being line x coated today. Should be back and ready for the top to modified for the plumbing on the new tank tomorrow. The new tank hopefully will be up on the stand tomorrow night or Monday. Funny how people are not running over and volunteering to help me pick it up. Gotta love 3/4" glass.
View March 9, 2013 12:25