Well this week has been all sorts of unexpected surprises. And my aquarium decided it wanted to join the party. I went to power on my Kessil a360w Tuna Blue LED Pendant as I normally do every morning around 10:00am and it kicked on like normal and then shutoff. I took a look to see if all the connections where secure and disconnected everything for a few minutes and tried again to power it on with no luck. I was now the owner of a $425.00 paperweight. However, I did reach out to Kessil customer support and they are sending me a replacement so I can send the defective one back at no cost to me. Hopefully I don't get a refurbished unit but in all honestly something is better than nothing.
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My system has been doing very well in terms of overall water quality. But since my last outbreak I don't have any fish. Just a bunch of inverts running around my aquarium. Since that I only feed the corals and the few inverts I have once a week with a single cube of Hikari Baby Brine Shrimp and a few drops Reef Nutrition Oyster Feast. The skimmer seems to be doing well.
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So it has been a few weeks since I have had some time to update everyone on my Bryopsis Algae issues that popped in up about 3 weeks ago. But I am happy to report that within a week of adding my team of three Mexican Turbo Snails and two Lettuce Nudibrachs their is no trace of the Bryopsis Algae at all and I have had to start supplementing my cleanup crews diet with dried seaweed sheets almost nightly because their appetite is so voracious. But I would rather than then further algae problems.
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I purchased and added another EcoTech Marine Vortech MP10W ES to deal with additional flow on the right side of the aquarium.
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I have upgraded to a 20 gallon aquarium to provide additional seawater volume in order to control fluctuations in water parameters, provide additional surface area for the sand bed, allow additional swimming space for future inhabitants as well as provide additional space for the growth of corals and clams.
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A major infestation of Brooklynella Hostilis has managed to kill every fish within my aquarium. The need to install an ultraviolet sterilizer and suspend the addition of additional livestock for a period of 2 months is paramount. Also the addition of a quarantine facility and procedure are currently being considered as to prevent any future infections.
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