Juwel Kewil 600

The Hague
Volume 63 Liters
Dimensions 60cm x 30cm x 36cm
Make Juwel Kewil 600
Model Juwel Kewil 600


Maintaing a aquarium is for old men and nerds.
Until my son got his first goldfish to maintain as a responsibility project from school.
It soon ended up that daddy was cleaning the tank and was feeding the goldfish.

From that moment on the love for the aquarium started to grow and my view on people who kept a aquarium as a hobby changed.

Now i have become one of them and probably are one of those old men or nerd that keeps an aquarium. But he, who cares?


A novice on aquariums but a fast learner.
Experimenting with this aquarium now for almost a year and getting ready soon for a larger tank, aquascape style.

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Good old "Eheim Classic 211 (150)" external filter.
24 hours a day.


Easy Led 590.
17 hours light and 7 hours darkness.


No specific flow equipment besides the Eheim outlet pipe.




Only guppies here atm.
They are strong and easy to maintain.
Perfect for a experimental tank.

29 Fish

15 Guppy - man Poecilia Reticulata
10 Guppy - vrouw Poecilia Reticulata
4 Limnophila "Vietnam" Limnophila "Vietnam"

1 Coral

Spaghetti stone Chaetomorpha linum

8 Plants

2 Dwergparelkruid Hemianthus Callitrichoides 'Cuba'
2 Naaldgras eleocharis articularis
2 Waterpest Elodea Densa
2 Zilverkleurige Hemiographis Lilaeopsis Novae-Zelandiae


None. Keep the shit healthy.


At this moment i am using the Estimate Index methodoly to create a green and alge-free tank.

Maximum a week
CO2: 25-35ppm
NO3: 20-30ppm
K+: 20-30ppm (often already in the nitrate or fosfate additions)
PO4 : 2,0 ppm
Fe: 0,5-1ppm or more
Micro supplements (e.g. Profito): Just a little more then the advised dose according the what's on the bottle

Makes the following dosing a day:
------------------ ------------------
CO2: 25-35ppm
NO3: 3-5ppm (5ml KNO3 stockoplossing represents 5ppm)
K+: 3-5ppm (often already in the nitrate or fosfate additions)
PO4 : 0,3 ppm (10ml KH2PO4 stockoplossing represents 0.5ppm)
Fe: 0,1 ppm or more


"Excellent" guppy food only.
3 to 4 very small doses a day to achieve that the food has been eaten before it can sink to the bottom


Cleaning almost daily the substrate with the "Eheim Quick Vac Pro".
According to the Estimate Index methodology weekly water changes of 50% (30L)

On average you perform a 37% water change every 6 days.

0% total water change in January.

0 activities in the last year

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Inspiration & Goals

Goal of this tank is mainly experimenting with all aspects of a freshwater aquarium: CO2, Dosing, Light, etc.
At this moment i am using the Estimate Index methodoly to create a green and alge-free tank.

Along the road of this experiment i buy all kind of Aquascaping stuff.
One's i feel i am experienced enough i'm gonna buy a larger tank and start an Aquascape experiment using all the nice gear i bought before plus new hardscape stuff like stones, Aquasoil etc.

Words of Wisdom

Take your time. If you try to do everything all at ones it will probably fail.
Besides there is nothing nice left todo for tomorrow.
Nature takes time, so let's give it time.

Disasters & Regrets

The first soil i bought was grint with a lot of lime in it.
The tap water in my area does have a rather high PH value(basisch).
Together with the lime stone soil this makes a terrible combination.
How could i now? Every day i am longing to my new tank with Aquasoil :-)


Thanks for visiting my site and enjoy your great hobby!