Southeast Georgia
Volume 140 Gallons
Make Red Sea
Model 525XL Deluxe





10 Fish

Blue Tang Paracanthurus hepatus
Diamond Goby sp sp
Flame Hawkfish Neocirrhitus armatus
Flame-tail Blenny Enchelyurus flavipes
Lyretail Anthias Pseudanthias squamipinnis
Lyretail Anthias Pseudanthias squamipinnis
Red Mandarin Goby Synchiropus splendens
Royal Gramma Gramma loreto
2 True Percula Clownfish Amphiprion percula

22 Corals

Bright Green Mushroom sp sp
Clove Polyp sp sp
Elephant Ear Mushroom Rhodactis mussoides
Flowerpot sp sp
Green Implosion Palythoa sp sp
Green Star Polyp Clavularia viridis
Hammer Coral - Green Purple-tipped Indo sp sp
Leather Coral - Bali Maricultured Devil's Hand sp sp
Mushroom - Red sp sp
Mushroom - Ricordia Blue Mouth sp sp
Mushroom Coral Actinodiscus striatus
Palythoa - Morning Delight sp sp
Palythoa - Watermelon sp sp
Ricordea - Tricolor Orange Florida sp sp
Ricordia - Orange & Green sp sp
Superman Rhodactis sp sp
Torch Coral Euphyllia glabrescens
Yuma - Orange sp sp
Zoanthid - Bob Marley sp sp
Zoanthid - Passion Fruit sp sp

27 Invertebrate

2 Emerald Crab Mithraculus sculptus
2 Emerald Crab Mithraculus sculptus
Featherduster sp sp
Green Bubble-tipped Amemone sp sp
2 Mexican Turbo Snails sp sp
10 Phillipine Trochus Snails sp sp
Rock Flower Anemone Epicystis crucifer
Rock Flower Anemone sp sp
Scarlet Skunk Cleaner Shrimp sp sp
Tiger Sand Conch sp sp
Tiger Sand Conch sp sp


Apex Magnetic Probe Rack
Apex to Kessil H160 Cable
AquaBlade Scraper 24"
DVH Aquatic Dosing Pump Hose Connector
Little Ocean Baffle Kit
MJ Pump Vacuum Attachment
Mag-Float Large Scrapper blades
Neptune OS-1-M Optical Level Sensor with Magnetic Mount
2 Red Sea Filter Media Cup
Rid-Volt Titanium Grounding plug
Trigger Systems 10 gallon Diamond ATO Reservoir
Two Little Fishes Veggirmag Seaveggie
Universal Float Switch Kit for Protein Skimmer
bedee Aquarium Battery Cleaner
Brightwell Aquatics MacroBacter7
Dr Tim's Waste-Away
Korallen-Zucht Trace Element Complex
Ocean's Blend
Ocean's Blend 2 Part
Ocean's Blend 2-Part
Tropical Science Biolabs Marine-Max
Universal CO2 Scrubber
Aquarium - Red Sea 525XL Deluxe
Red Sea 525XL Deluxe
AquaMaxx Dosing Container DC-2
Aquamaxx Dosing Container DC-1
3 Silicon Tubing
2 5280 Copepods
2 Algae Barn 5280 Pods
AlgaeBarn 5,280 Pods
2 AlgaeBarn 5280 Pods
AlgaeBarn Clean Chaeto
AlgaeBarn OceanMagik
2 AlgaeBarn Phyto
Hikari Bio-Pure Ocean Plankton
Hilkari Mysis Shrimp
Nannochloropsis Phytoplankton
Ocean's Blend Coral Vibrance
Poseidon's Feast
2 Poseidon's Feast Combo 6,000+ copepods/32 oz Phyto
San Francisci Bay Brand Saltwater Multipack
Sea Lettuce (Ulva lattuga)
Tisbe Biminiensis Copepods
Tisbe Biminiensis Reef Copepods
2 Filter Media Cup - High Flow
Koral Filter Pad Media
2 Little Ocean Crud Catcher
Bulk Reef Supply Color Changing Medical Grade CO2 Absorbent
DI Resin Refill
Nano Brine Live Baby Artemia
Ocean's Blend 2-Part
Penn Plax Pro-Carb
Red Sea Reef Energy A&B (1 L ea)
Red Sea Reef Foundation C (Mg)
Neptune PM1 Module and pH probe
Neptune System Temperature Probe
2 Buble Magnus Replacement Head
2 EcoTech MP40 Guard
EcoTech Marine MP40 Dry side
Neptune ATK Auto Top Off
Pod Hotel
Lawatit Deionization Resin
Lewatit DI Resin Indicator
4 Hanna Cuvettes
Hanna Marine Ultra Low Range Phosphate colormeter
Hanna Salinity Checker
Neptune Apex Reagents
Neptune Apex Trident
4 Neptune Conductivity Calibration Solution - 53,000 Microsiemens
6 Neptune pH Calibration Fluid (3-7.01; 3 10.01)
Neptune pH Calibration Fluid - 7.0
2 Neptune pH Calibration Fluid 10.0
Nyos Nitrate Test Kit
Red Sea Calcium Pro Test Kit Refill
Red Sea pH/Alkalinity Test Kit
Salifert Dissolved Oxygen Test Kit
Seashem Laboratories Silicate Test Kit
Triple Inline TDS Meter
Long Stem Calibration Thermometer - Traceable
Apex Magnetic Probe Rack
Aquarium Cover
Boston Aqua Farms Soft Coral Scalpel
Coral Frag Glue
Deepsee Magnified Magnetic Viewer 4”
2215 Filter Media Cup

Dosing See more

Dr Tims Waste-Away Reef · Seachem Reef Strontium · Marine Max all-in-one · Spurenelemente Komplex · Waste-Away · Dr Tim's Waste-Away · Red Sea Magnesium

Auto Dosing

6 ml
6 ml every 24 hours
18 ml
Ocean's Blend - Part 1, Ca
0.8 ml every 1 hour
19 ml
Ocean's Blend - Part 2 - pH/Alk
0.8 ml every 1 hour

Feeding See more

Red Sea Reef Energy A & B · PE Pellets · Fed Ocean plankton. · Fed Reef Energy A & B · Fed PE Pellets · Poseidon's Feast · OceanMagik · Fed Reef Energy A&B · Mysis Shrimp · Coral Frenzy · Fed flakes · Ocean Plankton · Reef Nutrition Tigger Pods · Poseidon’s Feast · Nano Brine Shrimp · Algae Barn 5280 Pods · Live Brine Shrimp · Pod Your Reef Pods · Omega One Flakes · Brine Shrimp · Copepods · Flakes · Polyp Lab Reef-Roids · Cannochlorpsis Phytoplankton · AlgaeBarn 5,280 Pods · Ocean's Blend Coral Vibrance · Coral Vibrance · Omega One Marine Flakes · Polyp Lab Reef Roids · Neptune Crossover Diet · Pellets: PE & Neptune CO · Neptune Crossover Pellets · Pellets: PE · PE Pellets - 1mm · San Francisco Bay Green Cube · Brine · Hilkari Mysis Shrimp · Hilkari Ocean Plankton · Green Seaweed Cube

On average you perform a 16.5% water change every 16 days.

12.3% total water change in August.

Diary Entries View all Diary Entries

Removed ten black and white snails; lost a third.

Scarlet Skunk cleaner Shrimp molted.

Treated six Aiptasia and two Manjano Anemones with Aiptasia-X.
Added the Loc-Line adapter and Wye to the Vectra return. Need the additional fittings to compete.
Test results give me concern that the Bubble Magnus Dosing Pump is failing to deliver required dosages - will do some manual to verify.
Glued the Superman Montipora, Bright Green Mushrooms and Akrapora with epoxy.

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