Money spent

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10 Fish

3 PJ Cardinal Fish
3 dozen M crickets
3 dozen M crickets
Finger Dragonet sp sp
Leopard Wrasse Macropharyngodon meleagris
Pink with Green Polyp Stylo sp sp
Regal Angelfish Pygoplites diacanthus

6 Corals

2 very tiny Aussie Orange Plates
8 heads on Lavender Duncans
Purple Palys sp sp
Purple with Neon Green Tip Hammer from Tom sp sp

8 Invertebrate

1000 Crickets M
3 dozen M crickets
4 dozen S crickets
Astrea Snails 6 Astraea tecta
Mithrax Crab sp sp

3 Plants

3 dozen M crickets
5 dozen M crickets
5 dozen M crickets


25W and 40W UV bulbs

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