Office Tank

Volume 80 Gallons
Dimensions 60'' x 19'' x 19''
Make Innovative Marine
Model SR-80





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Nyos Goldpods

On average you perform a 12.5% water change every 52 days.

0% total water change in July.

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Changed over to Generation 4 XR15PROs today. The extra spread definitely illuminates more of the tank and reduces shadowing significantly.

Tank is doing well. A visit from SanJay and RW
Tank has been going solidly for a while. Coral is starting to really grow into each other. A new tank may be in my future soon.

Out of alkalinity. Must replenish Tommorrow
Water change does not seem to have restored the green caps. Parameters look relatively solid. Am raising the program light intensity by 10% to see what if any affect that has.
Monitpora Caps are loosing their rich green. Will check against parameters. In the short term am doing a 15 gallon water change.

I suspect when I check against parameters - Alk may be of
My current goal is to stabilize all primary water parameters and to couple that with the Reef WholesaleT5 equivalent lighting schedule.

They have tested their lighting schedule and while
Still wrestling with Alk. have upped dosing substantially, coral growth has improved markedly but cannot get the level into the 7s. Will keep increasing until I am able to see a change.


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