Quarantine/Hospital Tank

Apex, NC
Volume 10 Gallons
Dimensions 10'' x 20'' x 12''
Make Petco




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Found one of the chronis dead this morning. He hadn't been acting strange and I couldn't find any lesions or other signs of disease. Ammonia measuring 0.
The QT finished cycling more than a week ago. Yesterday, I did a 40% water change to dilute built up nitrate. Then, I added to blue/green chromis to maintain the N cycle.

My plan is to p
Not much going on with the QT tank. The N cycle seems to be running its course. Ammonia is holding around 2 ppm right now. I added a drop of zeobak yesterday and today to see if that will get everythi
This morning, the water is clear. The shrimp did a good job of spiking ammonia yesterday. I checked around 5:00 PM and ammonia was at 4.0 ppm. I took the shrimp out at that point to prevent the level
Setting this tank up as a fish quarantine and hospital tank. It is running in my fish room with a 50 W heater, MJ 600 power head, and Aqueon QuietFlow 10 HOB filter. I plan to run the normal carbon fi

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