Refilled KVM (vitamin + trace element additive) and Restór (helps with tissue stress).
View November 21, 2020 02:25
Sprayed all screen stops. Cleaned off salt creep on tank braces.
View November 13, 2020 20:09
Raised and moved powerhead to avoid Red Dragon (again).
View November 7, 2020 01:51
Added 12 Peppermint Shrimp for Aiptasia control.
View November 7, 2020 01:50
Trident brought back online by replenishing Alk reagent. Ca and Mg reagent refills next week.
View November 7, 2020 01:50
Auto-feeder restarted on main tank (attached to Radion). Dispenses twice daily. Red Dragon acropora rearranged.
View October 30, 2020 18:51
Rhomboid Fairy, Labouti Fairy, and Leopard (Guinea Fowl) Wrasses in quarantine for placement next week.
View October 16, 2020 19:16
Trident calibrated. All dual readings henceforth tagged Apex or manual.
View October 2, 2020 19:44
Picked up Digitata. Trimmed some of the Red Dragon away from powerhead blast path. Stirred sandbed. Pulled Bryopsis (algae) from overflow slits.
View September 26, 2020 02:04
Apex Trident water analyzer unit added (Ca, Mg, Alk).
View September 22, 2020 20:32