• Trident reagents B and C replaced.
• Added Acro frags x3.
• Fixed Cali Tort and Hawkins echinata.
• Spoke to Avast Marine. Auto-feeder will not work with current sump setup. Avast to send bracket for mounting to center main tank brace (under canopy). To return current bracket. Need to work out Apex interface (physical and code).
• Canopy may be ready.
• No service next week.
View July 1, 2022 19:39
Permanent tank brace installed.
View June 28, 2022 21:29
• Reagents B and C empty. To be replaced next week.
• Baby Elegance DOA and removed. RIP.
• Hawkins echinata looks great after redoing the colony.
• Pulled H₂O to allow for extra top-off. Will have RO to swap next week to lower SG next week if needed.
• Avast auto-feeder all likely need to be installed on sump (w/ a longer mixing tube). To test.
• Brace/bracket has arrived. To be installed next week if possible.
• More corals coming next week.
View June 25, 2022 01:30
• Stirred substrate.
• Baby Elegance struggling. Giving it one more week.
• Trimmed bottom portion of Hawkins echinata.
• Slightly raised skimmer bubble body.
• Royal Gramma not seen during tank service.
View June 17, 2022 21:05
• 🪸 added: Elegance, Voodoo Magic (Acro), Bizarro Cyphastrea.
• Pulled water to allow top-off.
• Pulled teetering top piece of undata. Bottom is fine but needs to time to get Zoo algae back where it was being covered.
View June 10, 2022 20:40
• Stirred substrate.
• Blasted sediment from reef during H₂O 𝞓.
• Added pink Millepora frag.
• Royal Gramma possibly acting strangely. Not seen on water change.
• Waiting on auto-feeder mount for now (pending strut reinforcement and canopy installation).
View June 3, 2022 22:13
🪸 Coral inventory updated (add/retire/modify).
View May 27, 2022 18:26
• Pulled red dragon Acro.
• Pulled teal Staghorn, which was slowly dying from its base.
• New Acros will be brought to replace.
• Refilled Fuel.
• Stirred substrate.
• Trident reagent A at 17%, to be replaced next week.
View May 20, 2022 15:08
• 🚨 Both front-to-back tank braces have detached. Glass front and back bowing dangerously. Stabilized with clamps. New metal in-tank braces being fabricated. Will be hidden with a new tank canopy.
• Skimmer pump loud: pulled and cleaned, sock floss, and removed a few snails stuck in impeller.
• Transplanted bubble coral looking good.
• Gramma and Flame Angel happy. Still looking for transplanted goby.
• 𝞓 all RO filters.
• Basted reef and stirred substrate.
• Water 𝞓 next week.

View May 14, 2022 00:12
• Stirred substrate.
• Moved trumpets to make space for the BioCube bubble coral.
• Basted reef.
• Two snails found to be killing other snails. Being pulled as we spot them.
View April 29, 2022 22:18