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Age 6 years, 1 month
Started November 3, 2012
Official Volume 93 Gallons
Actual Volume 143 Gallons
Dimensions 30'' x 30'' x 24''
Make marineland 93
Model Marineland Cube Monterey Stand

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dtum ‐ Very nice. I'm sure you are appreciating all that increased volume over the 28 gallon. I know I did when I went with my current tank this year. Your tank is looking pretty good so far, are you going to let that coralline grow over the overflow?
joelbird ‐ I am enjoying the space for the bigger fish. My nano was hassle free. It grew like mad and I had no problems till the soft corals out grew the flow and created dead zones. The tank stumbled and I had to rework it. I must say the 93 gallon cube stand is worthless for anything to go under it. My returns go to the basement into a 40 gallon breeder tank on a stand. I run an ecosystem refugium and have a 10 gallon Ato reserve under the stand. As for the coralline algae, I am going to let it go for now. I have a huge hair algae problem from the previous owner. I figure till it is all gone, I will let the coralline grow where it is. I seen you have a freshwater tank. Did you start there and go salt or the other way around? I currently have a 180 gallon discus tank on the opposite wall of this tank.
dtum ‐ I kept freshwater for quite some time, first cichlids, then planted.. and only then marine. I've heard that discus are tough to keep, but my freshwater planted is maintenance free.
How did you get the plumbing to your basement? Walls or floor? Was it hard? Is the sump right underneath the tank?
joelbird ‐ The sump is directly below the tank. I cut a hole in the wall and went down through the wall into the basement. The idea was that I could patch a hole in the wall but not in the hard wood floor. I thought it was very easy. There is nothing like working on a sump that is display tank height. The hardest thing was picking the right pump for the right height. Not to much and, and not to low of a flow. I will post a picture later tonight of the sump set up.

I currently have a light issue with my discus tank. Discus are much easier to care for than marine. The big difference is that in order to keep water at 83-85 degrees, in my big tank, it cost a ton of money. I switched out to a no name led and instantly had an algae bloom. and i am just getting everything under control for a sorta restart with plants.


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Petco Brooklyn 40 Gallon Metal Tank Stand by PETCO
40 gallon breeder
Bulk Reef Supply Granular Ferric Oxide High Capacity
Bulk Reef Supply bio pellets
Bulk Reef Supply Bulk Calcium Chloride Aquarium Supplement
3 Mr. Chili Mixing Jug Clear 1 Gallon Jug
miracle mudd

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mysis shrimp · pellets · phyto feast · mysis · seaweed · angel formula · piscine energetics mysis shrimp · new life spectrum marine fish formula

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12 Fish

Blue Tang Paracanthurus hepatus
Flame Angelfish Centropyge loriculus
Kaudern's Cardinal Pterapogon kauderni
2 Ocellaris Clownfish Amphiprion ocellaris
Purple Dottyback Pseudochromis porphyreus
Six Line Wrasse Pseudocheilinus hexataenia
Starry Blenny Salarias ramosus
Yellow Tang Zebrasoma flavescens
Yellow Watchman Goby Cryptocentrus cinctus

27 Corals

Bali Green Slimer Acropora yongei
Birdsnest Coral Seriatopora hystrix
Bubble Coral Plerogyra sinuosa
Candy Cane Coral Caulastrea furcata
Chalice Coral Echinophyllia aspera
Duncan Polyp Duncanopsammia axifuga
Frogspawn Coral - Branched Euphyllia paradivisa
Lobophyllia Brain Coral Lobophyllia hemprichii
Pipe Organ Coral Tubipora musica
Pulsating Xenia Xenia elongata
4 Ricordea Mushroom Ricordea yuma
Staghorn Coral Acropora cervicornis
Toadstool Leather Sarcophyton sp
Trumpet Coral Caulastrea curvata
Wellso Folded Brain Coral Trachyphyllia radiata
Zoanthid Zoanthus sp.

216 Invertebrate

100 Astrea Turbo Snails Astraea tecta
50 Blue Legged Hermit Crab Clibanarius tricolor
Blue Tuxedo Urchin Mespilia globulus
3 Emerald Crab Mithraculus sculptus
Maxima Clam Tridacna maxima
3 Peppermint Shrimp Lysmata wurdemanni complex
2 Red Line Cleaner Shrimp Lysmata amboinensis
Rose Bulb Anemone Entacmaea quadricolor
3 Turbo Snail Turbo fluctuosa
long tentacle anenome Macrodactyla doreensis
red thorny starfish Echinaster echinopherus

2 Plants

Chaetomorpha Chaetomorpha sp.
Red Mangrove Rhizophora mangle

On average you perform a 19.9% water change every 7 days.

0% total water change in December.

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40 gallon change, carbon change, gfo change, skimmer clean, bio pellet clean, sock change, dose waste away, carbon dose.
30 gallon water change, carbon change, skimmer clean
after a short Easter vacation to warmer weather and now back, I have completed my tank maintenance for the week. I have done the usual tank maintenance tasks. This time I checked all of my parameters
massive tank maintenance day. First thing was to reclaibrate the refractometer. I have never done this. I thought 1.026 was where I was at. The actual after using the test solution was 1.021. Big di
I believe that I will place an order tomorrow for a dosing set up through bulk reef supply. I feel that the space and individual pumps will just be easier for me. I can replace them easier or remove
Looking for advice on dosing pumps. which to look at and which to steer clear of. if anyone has any suggestions please let me know. I have an apex to control the pumps if they are not stand alone. I