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Age 7 years, 1 month
Started November 12, 2011
Official Volume 28 Gallons
Actual Volume 28 Gallons
Dimensions 18'' x 22'' x 22''
Make jbj nano cube
Model 28 gallon professional led

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heizen ‐ Nice Nano Joelbird! They say that its harder to maintain good water quality in a small volume. What is your experience on that side? Do you have a hard time keeping your water clean?
joelbird ‐ I have no problem keeping the water clean. I run a 100 gallon skimmer in the back that hangs on the tank. I run a bigger media basket with floss pad up top, Purigen in the center and chemi pure elite in the bottom. I change the water once every 2 weeks. I do not know the levels of anything other than tempature. It is mainly soft corals and they grow like weeds. It was my first salt water tank. Since I wanted sps and lps I started a bigger tank and have to monitor every single level. This is the easiest tank I have ever run.


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3 Fish

2 Invertebrate

Red Line Cleaner Shrimp Lysmata amboinensis
Tube Anemone Cerianthus filiformis

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changed 10 gallons of water
changed purigen
changed chemi pure elite
changed filter pad
killed aptasi
cleaned skimmer cup
water change, purigen change, scrape walls, cleaned skimmer.